eBIZ 4.0

Moving forward with digital data exchange, traceability, fight against counterfeiting and more


What is eBIZ 4.0?

eBIZ 4.0 is a new action aiming to digitally connect at least 100 fashion companies across Europe. This action will deliver IT solutions combining the benefits of the eBIZ digital language with RFID or NFC technologies.

Thanks to this combination, the eBIZ 4.0 solution will enable SMEs to increase the traceability of products, improve the time to market and warehouse management and to reduce data exchange barriers with external providers by shortening the distances along the supply chain.


What are the objectives? 

The use of eBIZ 4.0 would digitise the industry by providing reliable and real-time data connections to companies in their network in addition to help setting up voluntary traceability, fighting against counterfeiting and unauthorised distribution channels. It will be achievable by reducing the distance at each step of the supply chain with the integration of information flows among different departments (through RFIds) and companies (through eBIZ and RFIDs).

The goal is to bring benefits to SMEs of IT tools mostly used in large fashion businesses to significantly improve their processes management and their connection with suppliers and customers. 


Who is involved?

The partners of the project are:

-         CLAVE INFORMATICA, IT solution provider in Spain

-          ENEA, Italian agency, technical partner

-          EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation

-          Schaeffer Productique, IT solution provider in France

-          Kyklos, IT solution provider in Italy

Estimated up to 100 european fashion companies will be digitally connected by eBIZ 4.0 in the Clave, Kyklos, Schaeffer Productique business networks in the first phase. 


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What is there for your company? 

Who may be interested in eBIZ 4.0?

-          European Textile, Clothing and Footwear companies, notably SMEs (fabrics producers, garment producers, retailers)

-          IT providers, not only for the fashion sector but also for other design-based sectors

The adoption of eBIZ 4.0 solution will enable to create and manage large networks of relationships inside and outside the supply chain, implementing new business models in traditional production chains and boost the fast response process for EU enterprises.



The new project eBIZ 4.0 started in December 2016 and will deliver early results supporting the European fashion companies, notably the SMEs, from production to retail, to digitise the way of working. 



eBIZ 4.0 is the new step of eBIZ, the public-private initiative which since 2008 supports hundreds of companies of the European fashion value chain to digitally connect and exchange data at lower costs. Read more on eBIZ


Who uses eBIZ?

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